Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dinosaur Park

Michael is off to explore the dinosaur park with Matt, Melia, Aislinn, Grandma Laura, and Anne!
Aislinn is set to go in her trusty stoller!

Michael is such a dinosaur expert, that he told Grandma many facts she didn't know! Sheesh, Grandma!
Michael enjoyed leading the way down the trails! With parents and big brothers around, he doesn't usually get to be in charge, so he enjoyed it immensely!
Cutie pie!

Checking to make sure the dinosaur footprints were the correct size!

Aislinn's favorite part of the outing was trying out the swings!

She was definitely belly-laughing!
She wasn't quite so sure about the sand.....

... but enjoyed it after a minute of getting used to it!
Then more swinging!
I love the excited, loving, and trusting look on her face as she swings towards her dad!
By the end of the day, she felt far too big to ride in the stroller, so pushed it around herself!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Matt Kelley's Birthday Present

Matt's request for a birthday present was a family picture before Melia left . Those boys look tough enough to take on the battle on the home front while she is in Iraq!