Friday, February 10, 2012

Art Night at Cook Elementary

I love teaching school....but sometimes it is hard
 to keep school and home life seperate!
This is one of those times!
I've super busy lately getting ready for the art night
 at Cook Elementary. Here are just a few pics.
There are more on my class website if these aren't enough!

 Every student worked hard to make
scales for our awesome library dragon!

 We also created a vegetable garden
and were very proud of how it turned out!

 Every student made at least five things for our garden!

 On art night, my students entertained
 the crowds with their ukulele playing!
If you look closely, you will see me wearing
the tie-dye shirt Danielle made me for Christmas!

 The best part of art night was sharing it
 with Aislinn, Michael, and Melia!

 Aislinn loved making a dragon fly and other crafts!

As usual, Michael is moving so fast
 it is hard to keep up with him!
He loved showing off some of the things he had made!
Grandpa Matt helped him make a pinwheel
after Melia and Aislinn went home.