Thursday, November 24, 2011


We celebrated Thanksgiving at Noelle and Kao's home.
We had way too much fun to remember to take photos -
but here are a few........

Grandkids in the Teepee

I took my new teepee to Noelle's for Thanksgiving.
The Grandkids must have loved it because we didn't see them much -
they only came out for food and potty breaks!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Teepee Project

Every year at this time, my third grade class studies the Ute Indians. 
Last year, a girl in my class said she had a teepee we could borrow. 
The kids had a blast with it. 
They especially loved playing their Indian flutes in it. 
This year I decided to make one. 
We improved on the borrowed one as it was blue with white PVC pipe.
We went with canvas and painted the PVC pipe brown.
Logan and Anne painted the carefully chosen symbols.

 The crossed arrows stand for friendship.
The bear claws are because the Utes worshiped the Bear. 

 The moons are because we study the moon in 3rd grade.
At the top are Eagle feathers which stand for chief. 

The hummingbird on the left is because that is my symbol -
I love hummingbirds!
The symbol on the right stands for the sun. 

The grand-kids are coming over tonight.
I am excited to see if they like it! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Excuse my proud mom moment......

My two handsome sons, Lance and Logan. 

Logan recently graduated from the Defense Language Institute
 in Monterey, California where he learned Arabic.

Lance is currently at the Defense Language Institute
 in Monterey studying Korean.

Lance's brother and army buddies are a great support to him -
 even though it may look otherwise in this photo!

Although not a veteran, Melia spent almost a year in Iraq
 as a government contractor supporting the troops.

She is a computer forensics specialist. 

Can you spot the civilian?