Sunday, August 22, 2010

Everett's Blessing

Here's Jarom practicing for his role as soon-to-be dad! 

Getting dad tips from Rory?

The family gathered to celebrate Everett's blessing. Jeremy entertained us with his amazing guitar playing. 

It was a bitter-sweet  time as we all knew it would be the last time we were together for a very long time. 

Lane, Debbie, Jeremy, and Jared were flying off to Amman, Jordan the very next morning. Jenni and Justin were heading back to Nebraska. Jonathan, Jan, and crew were heading back to Gilroy, California. The rest of us Utah folk were heading back to school, work, or whatever our "normal" lives are. 

We savored this last harrah - and then went our separate ways! Stay in touch everyone! Love you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Joanna Lance's Reception

Joanna and Cody gave us a great reason to have a party in our neck of the woods!

Three of the adorable  Lance sisters:
Janae, Joanna, and Jessica!

It was fun to greet the Anhders, longtime friends from Gilroy, now  transplanted to Utah. 

It was a beautiful summer evening - a great time to enjoy family members. What a treat!

Three of my mom's siblings were able to be there! It was so great to chat and mingle! 

Everyone enjoyed the yummy gelato! 

 James and his family arriving for the festivities.
Leah looks ready for the fun!  

Political discussions...........need I say more? 

Sadie and Uncle Jarom

Rory and Sadie 

Courtenay and Everett.

It was such a fun family evening!
Thanks for the party Joanna and Cody!

Close-ups from the Reception

Courtenay and Everett


Lane and Margaret, Fred and Mary

Sadie and Leah

As you can see, fun was had by all! 

Family Breakfast with Jonathan and Gang

Ugh! I got some adorable pictures, but they turned out fuzzy and out of focus. I couldn't figure out why until I noticed the smattering of tiny fingerprints all over the lens. So as you look at these photos, notice the fun and family, not the focus!
    Jonathan and most of his family spent the night, then joined us for breakfast along with Noelle and Kao, Melia and her family, and our family friends - the Rains. It was a blast! 

2nd cousins - Sadie and Aislinn!

They are about the same age and totally adorable! 

Every piece of furniture was filled to capacity!

Food, family, and fun - that's the best combination! 

Noelle brought along some hand sewing to do - amid the chaos! 

Melia realized how big Aislinn is getting by holding Little Charlotte!

Grandpa Matt's money jar was a big hit with the little ones!

Kevin tried out my new (antique) accordion.

He sounded pretty good for just messing around! 

While he was playing the accordion, strange things were going on with its case! 

Yes - that's Micheal who fit completely inside the accordion case! 

More kids joined in on the coin fun! 

Jessica with patterns and baby in hand! No surprise there! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Banner Day for Michael!

Since Melia was in California taking a class, I got to take Michael to the belting ceremony where he earned his yellow belt in karate. There are lots of pictures - mostly for Matt and Melia, but the rest of you might get a giggle out of them! 

Cheesy grin - but he earned it!