Friday, November 26, 2010

Pettit Clan Invades Monterey

The day after Thanksgiving found the entire Pettit clan heading to Monterey to walk the wharf.

 The weather was beautiful and we had a blast!

 We ended up at Isabella's for least for most of us!

 Then we walked from the wharf to the Monterey Aquarium along Cannery Row.
Thanks to Logan and Anne for making a side trip to get a stroller for Aislinn!
 The weather was absolutely perfect for a stroll along the ocean!

We were having too much fun at the aquarium to take many photos, but it was awesome!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

At our Thanksgiving Celebration this year, we had a blessing tree so we could pause and name specific blessing we are grateful for. I am especially grateful that my whole family was able to gather in my hometown of Gilroy with the Lance clan and friends.

 Aislinn and Sadie enjoyed looking at the colorful leaves.

 Our family group was so large, we held our Thanksgiving dinner in the Relief Society room at the church. We had the gym set up with couches, 8 tables for the massive bunco game, and plenty of room for kids to play!

 We had 43 people at our Thanksgiving feast!

 I was so glad my whole family could be there!

Charlotte and Everett made the cutest little pilgrims ever!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween at the Kelley's

It was a motley crew at the Kelleys' on Halloween!

We had a blast watching them get ready to go trick-or-treating!

They are an animated bunch!

Aislinn's tea party set worked perfectly with her Alice in Wonderland Costume!

Shawn is  ready to scare your socks off!

Bowen was an authentic looking Pop-eye!

Michael was NOT a dinosaur........he was a herd of dinosaurs!

Alice is ready to go trick-or-treating in the rain!

So is the herd of dinosaurs!