Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kindergarten Roundup at Cook Elementary

Wow - time really flies! It seems like just yesterday that Michael was born - and now he is ready to start kindergarten! Thursday night was the Kindergarten Round-up at Cook Elementary where I teach! Michael will be attending there in the fall, so I got to help take him around to all the early literacy activities. (Matt Kelley did the hard work of getting together all the shot records, birth certificates etc to get him registered) It was fun to see him dive into each activity with gusto. He was especially excited each time he spotted someone he knows from preschool! He introduced himself to all the teachers and enjoyed trying out some kindergarten activities.

He decided that kindergarten will be fun! In fact, he wanted to start the next day!

The Obstacle Course

Michael had a blast trying out the obstacle course. He followed directions very well and loved doing it!

Aislinn's Turn on the Obstacle Course

Since the night was for those starting Kindergarten, Aislinn mostly had to watch all the fun, but she took the chance to try out part of the obstacle course!

She couldn't quite figure out why dad, grandma, and all the other adults were paying so much attention to Michael and NOT her!

If You Feed a Pig a Pancake

The night was all about early literacy activities, so each station had an activity that was tied into a book. This was the station for "If You Feed a Pig a Pancake".
Michael told his name to a teacher, and she made his initial out of a pancake!
In his hand he is holding his passport to kindergarten. He got it stamped at every station.

It looked pretty yummy, and there was syrup and butter to put on it, but he decided he didn't want to eat his M!He had such a good time that the only disappointment was that he didn't get to go back again the next day to start Kindergarten! Fall seems like a long time away now, but it will be here soon enough!