Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Post-surgery Joy!

Now that school is out and the wedding open house is over, I finally found time to get some much needed foot surgery.
Oh Joy!

These moon boots will be my friends for at least two weeks! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lance and Danielle's Open House

The weather was perfect, the blossoms were blooming, and everything smelled amazing! 

It looked like we had strewn white blossoms everywhere,
but the trees and light breeze did that for us! 

Table decorations

Yummy Treats

We served chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with every combination of white and purple frosting and sprinkles,  caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels, and fresh-tasting ice cold lime water! Check out these photos of people enjoying the yummy treats! 

Bride and Groom

 Lance and Danielle Greeting Guests!

 Enjoying the glorious smell of the blossoms! 

Enjoying friends!
I think this is the only photo we got with the bouquet! 

Group Shots of all the Fun!

Look close, you might see someone you know!

Close-ups of all the Fun!

 The Welsh Crew! 

Vanessa and Ian!
Vanessa helped so much!
Thanks a lot, Vanessa!

Matt, Melia, and Aislinn

Greeting friends! 

 Aislinn eyeing the prezzies!

 Anne worked hard to help me make it happen! 
Thanks for all your hard work, Anne! 

 Indy joined the festivities
 and was very well behaved! 

Noelle helped with the last minute set-up 
and helped make it gorgeous! 

The kids enjoyed the hammock! 

It was fun to have Jarom & Stephanie,
 and Joanna & Cody come!
 They stayed to the bitter end!  

Lance and Danielle finally had a chance to sit down for a minute at the end! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Michael's Kindergarten Graduation

It was the best kind of graduation - short and sweet with lots of fun songs! 

Here they are singing about catching raindrops on their tongue! It was really funny!