Saturday, June 4, 2011

Close-ups of all the Fun!

 The Welsh Crew! 

Vanessa and Ian!
Vanessa helped so much!
Thanks a lot, Vanessa!

Matt, Melia, and Aislinn

Greeting friends! 

 Aislinn eyeing the prezzies!

 Anne worked hard to help me make it happen! 
Thanks for all your hard work, Anne! 

 Indy joined the festivities
 and was very well behaved! 

Noelle helped with the last minute set-up 
and helped make it gorgeous! 

The kids enjoyed the hammock! 

It was fun to have Jarom & Stephanie,
 and Joanna & Cody come!
 They stayed to the bitter end!  

Lance and Danielle finally had a chance to sit down for a minute at the end! 

1 comment:

Joanna Barker said...

You all did such a good job planning, everything looked beautiful! We had so much fun talking and catching up with everyone :)