Friday, October 28, 2011

School Halloween Parade

I caught sight of Michael as he paraded past my portable!
One of the perks of having a grandson at my school!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Getting Ready for a Princess Party!

Noelle and Melia made tutus for all the guests to wear! 
They had fun decorating in Aislinn's favorite color - PINK! 

Every princess needs a crown! 

A pink wand is a must! 

Aislinn loves to twirl in her princess dress! 

She definitely looks like a princess! 

Guests Arrive

AS the guests arrived, they picked out a tutu to wear, 
and got their nails painted in princessy colors! 

Princess photo shoots!

Brooklyn brought a tea set for Aislinn,
 so they practiced with it for the real tea party! 

Tea Party

The tea party was full of pink deliciousness! 

The cupcake cake was adorable! 

Aislinn loved blowing out the candles! 

Dancing and Playing

The girls danced to "princess" music! 

Then they played in Aislinn's room princess style! 


Aislinn had a blast opening her princess prezzies! 

The boys joined in on this part.....

Every princess needs multi-colored braids!
It was a little girl's dream birthday party!