Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween with the Kelleys!

We took some of our witches' fingers to the Kelleys on Halloween night!

The boys had interesting reactions to the scary treat!

Bowen tried, but couldn't bring himself to eat them.

Shawn thought they were great!

Here is cute Michael transforming into a teenage werewolf!

He scared grandpa!

Ready for trick-or-treating!

He's got his candy bucket and is ready to go!


One last snack before he left!

Grandma Laura took Michael trick-or-treating so dad could stay home with Aislinn. Grandpa Matt helped with the trick-or-treaters knocking on the door!

Aislinn was an adorable fairy!

She learned to walk later that night!
Must have been the Halloween excitement!
(For more Halloween excitement, click on the link to my school site : 3rd grade rocks to see the Halloween Happenings at school. It is a private blog, so if you need an invitation, just e-mail me to let me know!)

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Metal Matrix Halloween Party

I made these goulish treats to take to Matt's work party. (For those who are wondering.....peanut butter no-bake cookie stuff, slivered almonds, pretzals, and home-made cherry jam!)

This is probably only funny to those of you who know George,
but the guys had a secret pact to all come dressed like George!

Here's Matt (dressed as George) trying one of the witch's fingers.

In case you are wondering, I am dressed as a 3rd grade teacher who had to wear a costume to school the day before and spent this whole day at the computer doing report cards!

The funny thing about the George look-alike contest is that George didn't win!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grandma's Hair ???

Melia forwarded this photo that Matt took of Aislinn.
She called it "Aislinn has Grandma's hair".

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Off to a New Adventure!

Logan and Anne left early this morning enroute to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California where Logan will be studying Arabic. Not too sad of a good-bye, though! For one thing, they will be together which is a plus! Also, they will be a short drive away from my parents and 3 of my siblings, so it will give us added incentive to go visit them all!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aislinn's First Birthday

My first granddaughter's first birthday! If that isn't enough reason for the overabundance of pictures.....Aislinn's mom - Melia - is on her way to Iraq, so isn't here to help celebrate today!
(We had the birthday party early so Melia could be there for it!)
Learning to push her new doll in the stroller !
Auntie Noelle is teaching her to drive in her new princess car!
Princess Aislinn!

Checking out her new baby doll.
Yum - hands taste good!
So does her head!
Auntie Noelle is showing her how to put the baby to bed.
The wooden cradle is one that Melia had when she was little.
The adorable blanket was made by Anne!
Back to the tasting......toes are nummy .....

But more toes are better!
(Does anybody notice that Auntie Noelle and Aislinn look alike?)
Princess Aislinn ready for cupcakes.
But could the cupcakes taste better than dolly toes?
She wasn't too sure what to do!
Getting braver....

Checking to make sure the princess crown hasn't slipped!
Maybe cupcakes do taste better than dolly toes after all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lane's Visit

Since my brother Lane lives in Amman, Jordan, he doesn't get stateside very often. He spent the last week visiting my family in Gilroy, CA. We snagged a few brief hours while he was in Utah. It was fun to catch up on the latest goings on with his family and job. As the Foreign Area Officer in Jordan, he is smack dab in the middle of Middle Eastern affairs.

Three of the seven Lance siblings:
Sally, Lane, and Laura.
(youngest, oldest, and me)

This is some of the family that were able to gather for the meal to welcome Lane. We had bread bowls with the choice of chili or broccoli chowder.
For dessert - brownie sundaes!
It was all delicious.
Thanks for helping Sally!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Dinner with lots of Pettits!

Sunday dinner was yummy and loads of fun!
Logan relished having home-cooked food!

We had so many people, that the little ones had to sit at the counter!

Matt was the founder of the feast!

Can you tell they are brothers?

Auntie Noelle and Missy coolin' it!
Glad to have Logan home!
Shawn was one of the BIG kids!
Musical entertainment provided by Michael and Samantha!
(For as long as we could take it!)
Anne and Bowen had to arm wrestle over who got to hold Isa.
Aislinn had to get used to not being the littlest one there!
She is so used to boys, that it seemed like she enjoyed some "girl time".

Matt is doing well with Melia gone - but it has only been 2 days!
Glad to be home!
Denise enjoyed it all!
Wall-to-wall kids!