Thursday, October 1, 2009

Logan's Graduation

After much preparation to leave our jobs etc., Matt, Anne, and I drove to Arizona to attend Logan's graduation from the 35M Human Intelligence Collector course. He was one of about 10 soldiers to receive the STRAC award.

To earn this award, soldiers had to pass every test the first time, reach a high level of academic achievement, and a high level of physical fitness.

Logan and only about 10 others (out of 150+) earned this award! There were over 200 people who started the class, but these were the top of those who stayed the course! (One class member tragically died during the last week of training.)

Of course, we were all very proud of him!

Here he is walking the walk!

Glad to be done!

These are the people he spent the most time with - his class!

All were moving on: to Korea, Hawaii, Germany, and Logan to Monterey to attend the Defense language Institute to study Arabic.

After all the time spent with his buddies, Logan was mighty glad to see Anne!

Buddies are great, but Anne smells better!

Salloman is one of Logan's closest buddies. He will miss him, but not as much as he missed Anne!

We are proud of him and glad to have him around for a few weeks!


Matt Pettit said...

Pretty cool to see the workings of the Army from the inside! Really proud of Logan!!!

kaylene said...

How nice of you to document your trip for all of us. I am sure you are so proud of your son. What an accomplishment! I'm glad you were able to go and be there to see it. We are glad you're back!!

melia.kelley said...

I am so proud of Logan (and Anne!). Thank you for all you do!


Lauren Albrecht said...

We are indebted to your children for their service to our country. I'm sure you are a very proud momma, and rightfully so. Pass along my sincere appreciation to them for me, and to your daughter's family for their sacrifice as well.