Saturday, October 3, 2009

Meeting Pettit Cousins

Matt's brother Leon,his wife Denise, and their son Troy (and family) came to visit for Conference weekend.
After the long trip,the girls couldn't wait to do something creative!
We took them to meet their Kelley cousins. Bowen and Shawn introduced them to their prized hedgehog, Cotton.
Aislinn didn't know quite what to make of a little person smaller than she is!
Michael and Bekah are almost exactly the same age. Michael is trying to impress her with the scorpion Grandma Laura had given him!
They were excited to find out that they both go to pre-school!
We had to watch Aislinn close with Isabel because she wanted to squeeze and hug her like she does her dollies!
Cute cousins!

We think they even look alike!

It was fun to get them together. Thanks Matt, for letting us invade!

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