Friday, October 30, 2009

The Metal Matrix Halloween Party

I made these goulish treats to take to Matt's work party. (For those who are wondering.....peanut butter no-bake cookie stuff, slivered almonds, pretzals, and home-made cherry jam!)

This is probably only funny to those of you who know George,
but the guys had a secret pact to all come dressed like George!

Here's Matt (dressed as George) trying one of the witch's fingers.

In case you are wondering, I am dressed as a 3rd grade teacher who had to wear a costume to school the day before and spent this whole day at the computer doing report cards!

The funny thing about the George look-alike contest is that George didn't win!


jess said...

cool fingers...very creepy!

Jenni said...

I want the peanut stuff recipe...and the finger recipe! That would be so fun to do next year! Mia had the same costume as Aislinn...gotta love Target.