Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Breakfast with Jonathan and Gang

Ugh! I got some adorable pictures, but they turned out fuzzy and out of focus. I couldn't figure out why until I noticed the smattering of tiny fingerprints all over the lens. So as you look at these photos, notice the fun and family, not the focus!
    Jonathan and most of his family spent the night, then joined us for breakfast along with Noelle and Kao, Melia and her family, and our family friends - the Rains. It was a blast! 

2nd cousins - Sadie and Aislinn!

They are about the same age and totally adorable! 

Every piece of furniture was filled to capacity!

Food, family, and fun - that's the best combination! 

Noelle brought along some hand sewing to do - amid the chaos! 

Melia realized how big Aislinn is getting by holding Little Charlotte!

Grandpa Matt's money jar was a big hit with the little ones!

Kevin tried out my new (antique) accordion.

He sounded pretty good for just messing around! 

While he was playing the accordion, strange things were going on with its case! 

Yes - that's Micheal who fit completely inside the accordion case! 

More kids joined in on the coin fun! 

Jessica with patterns and baby in hand! No surprise there! 


Jenni said...

WOW! You really updated your blog! I had fun reading about your summer. Little Aislinn is about the cutest thing ever! Those dimples and curls kill me (course, so do Melia's). I am so proud of your nomination as a feature teacher. You are amazing! Glad we snuck in on a couple moments of your summer!

Linda said...

I can hear the fun over at your home :)
Cute pictures.

*Stephanie Lance* said...

Everything was SO FUN!!! Thank you SO much for your awesome hospitality! I was so sad to see it all end! We will have to do that again for sure!! Thanks again!

Jess said...

hehe! love the little girls pics-adorable!! and the pic of me is pretty typical ;) it was such an awesome weekend-thank you SOO much for putting us up and feeding us and hanging out with us!!