Sunday, August 22, 2010

Everett's Blessing

Here's Jarom practicing for his role as soon-to-be dad! 

Getting dad tips from Rory?

The family gathered to celebrate Everett's blessing. Jeremy entertained us with his amazing guitar playing. 

It was a bitter-sweet  time as we all knew it would be the last time we were together for a very long time. 

Lane, Debbie, Jeremy, and Jared were flying off to Amman, Jordan the very next morning. Jenni and Justin were heading back to Nebraska. Jonathan, Jan, and crew were heading back to Gilroy, California. The rest of us Utah folk were heading back to school, work, or whatever our "normal" lives are. 

We savored this last harrah - and then went our separate ways! Stay in touch everyone! Love you!


kjha said...

It was super fun to see everyone! Next time I'll smile for the camera!

kjha said...
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Our Circus said...

Oh my! How appropro the photo of Jarom with TWO babies in his arms!