Sunday, November 20, 2011

Teepee Project

Every year at this time, my third grade class studies the Ute Indians. 
Last year, a girl in my class said she had a teepee we could borrow. 
The kids had a blast with it. 
They especially loved playing their Indian flutes in it. 
This year I decided to make one. 
We improved on the borrowed one as it was blue with white PVC pipe.
We went with canvas and painted the PVC pipe brown.
Logan and Anne painted the carefully chosen symbols.

 The crossed arrows stand for friendship.
The bear claws are because the Utes worshiped the Bear. 

 The moons are because we study the moon in 3rd grade.
At the top are Eagle feathers which stand for chief. 

The hummingbird on the left is because that is my symbol -
I love hummingbirds!
The symbol on the right stands for the sun. 

The grand-kids are coming over tonight.
I am excited to see if they like it! 


*Stephanie Lance* said...

That turned out awesome!!! You guys did such a good job! Love the paintings on it! Great job! P.s. We are blessing Evelyn on December 4th and Jon and Jan are coming and we would love to have you guys there! Our church is at 9 so it might be a bit early for such a long way to come so don't feel pressured! We just wanted to let you know you are invited!!! I will have Jarom call you or keep in touch and let us know if you are coming! :) Love ya!

Jenni Call said...

I want one!!!

*Stephanie Lance* said...

We would also love to have Logan and Anne there! Just throwing that in! :) I got to thinking about it and in my head, it seemed like a given but I just thought I would say it! We would love for all of you to be there! haha :)