Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gingerbread Houses Extraordinaire

Many of the Lance clan gathered for a gingerbread house marathon!

It wasn't a contest because there was no prize...but the competition was still fierce!

Brainstorming was the first order of business!

Then the creative juices began to flow!

I love the pez pathway and smartie rock wall in front of Logan and Anne's castle!

Justin and Josh created an amazing tower!

Lance and Jordan tackled building Minas Tirith from "Lord of the Rings".

Janae re-created the Oakland temple!
Note the bride and groom on the bridge!

Logan and Anne's castle

Jan built a replica of the Lincoln memorial!

Justin's tower is growing taller!

Notice the intricate walls of Minis Tirith.

More traditional gingerbread houses:

Minas Tirith grows ever more detailed and intricate:

My personal favorite - the Oakland Temple - where Matt and I got married!


jess said...

that sure was fun! I'm glad you guys came!

scrappinpaige said...

How did you guys cut the graham crackers so they wouldn't break? we want to make gingerbread temples for a class activity for our Young Womens group.