Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dinosaur Park in Winter

Melia and I braved the cold weather to take Michael and Aislinn to the dinosaur park. 

Of course, Michael had to wear his pterodactyl wings in case any dinosaurs attacked.  

Unfortunately, it was hard to keep the pterodactyl from flying off! 

 It must have worked, because he survived many encounters with huge dinosaurs unscathed! 

 Aislinn was too cute and adorable
for the dinosaurs to eat! 

 Michael only took the wings off so he could use the "Paleontologist Notebook" Anne had made for him to sketch dinosaurs he had seen! 

Here Michael is trying to think of what dinosaur he should sketch next! (Thanks Anne, for the notebook!) 

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*Stephanie Lance* said...

That looks like SO much fun!!! Those kids are SO cute! Michael cracks me up! I love hearing stories about him! What a cutie! You're such a fun Grandma! They are so lucky to have you!!