Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Everyone in the family was able to be here for Christmas Eve! 
It was so great to have everyone together! 

Lance and Danielle enjoyed prezzies from Noelle and Kao! 

 Logan and Anne are showing off cozy 
slippers from Lance and Danielle!

 Noelle got some historical costuming books from Melia, 
and Kao loved his leg lamp from the Kelley boys! 
(Think Christmas Story movie...)

 The Kelleys lined up in age order - 
notice that age and height order are no longer the same....

 Their Christmas gift from Logan and Anne
 was too long to fit in the photo!

 Logan and Anne had worked hard on the gift-
and took a long time to wrap it as well! 

 It was a team effort to unwrap it! 

It was an awesome Kelley family teepee! 
Here are the kids in new pajamas enjoying their new teepee!
 We heard they slept in it that night! 

What a fun Christmas Eve! 

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