Friday, April 6, 2012

Flat Stanley on Spring Break

My grandson Michael Kelley has been reading a book with his class called Flat Stanley. He asked me if we would take Flat Stanley with us on our vacation and take photos of him in different places so he could show his class. We took Flat Stanley every where we went. When we got home I realized that we had more pictures of our vacation WITH Flat Stanley than without. Silly us! 

 Flat Stanley with Lance at his graduation. 

 Flat Stanley at Fisherman's wharf. 
 Flat Stanley joined us on a hike at Garrapata. 

 Flat Stanley in the redwoods with
 Logan, Laura, Anne, Danielle, and Lance. 

Flat Stanley at the ocean at Garrapata -
where the redwoods meet the sea!

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*Stephanie Lance* said...

Ha ha that is so fun!! What a fun grandma you are!! I think we are planning on coming to visit soon! We wanted to come this weekend but Logan has drill so I think we will plan for another weekend! Love you guys!