Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everett's Blessing

Busy weekend continues.....
We got to bed late after Noelle's feast, so we enjoyed sleeping in a bit. Not too late though, because Matt Kelley and the family came up for a breakfast of pancakes and sausage. Then we quickly made more food to take to my brother Lane's house where we were gathering after church for the blessing of his grandson Everett. It was an occasion put together quickly as just 4 days before, Lane was still in Israel where he is stationed in Jerusalem. When his father-in-law Everett Baerwaldt passed away, he was able to arrange to come home for the funeral. Since he was here, we all gathered for the blessing of Jenni's little baby. 
 The guest of honor is on his uncle James' lap! 

 Two Everett's on the couch! 

Lance, John, Matt, and Logan share a laugh about global warming..........


jean said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures on your blog. I felt like I was almost there!!!
Congratulations to Noelle.

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