Saturday, July 23, 2011

Noelle's Laurel Feast!

Noelle's Laurel Feast was incredible! Matt Kelley spent many hours over the past weeks getting ready for the feast - including raising the rabbits and peacock that was served! He spent all day Saturday at our house smoking the meats and getting everything ready. Matt (Pettit) and I were busy cooking all weekend as well.
It was a delicious and authentic-to-the-time-period feast!

Some of the foods you are looking at in the photos include:
gold leaf covered roasted peacock
smoked Cornish game hens
roasted rabbits
stuffed mushrooms
turnips, beets, carrots and onions and other deliciousness

And yes...I was serious when I said the peacock was covered in gold leaf. It is real, edible gold leaf which we carefully applied to the roasted peacock! 

It was a stunning feast, to say the least!
Noelle also made the pavilion/ tent in these photos. Yes - I mean all the green and white awesomeness you see was made by Noelle.
Personally - I love the scallopy things that hang down.

As we were setting everything up, all Noelle could say was WOW!

Since we did the cooking at our house and Noelle was already at the event, this was her first look at the food for her feast!

She and Michael were very impressed at the spread!

As the guest of honor, she was the first one served!
She pronounced the peacock very delicious!

We had worked so hard, that it was fun to see her enjoy it all!

Noelle and Kao feasting their eyes upon the glorious feast!

Noelle greeting guests as they arrive to her feast!

The founder of the feast - Matt Kelley!
 He was so amazing - in planning and carrying it out.

 Anne looked so gorgeous in the dress she made for the occasion.
Also, notice the beautiful pearls Noelle hand sewed on her outfit.

Logan got home from his National Guard drill just hours before this.
He and Anne were a big help in getting all the feast food carted to the event site. 


Anonymous said...

This looks so awesome!! Noelle looks so happy it's so adorable :) I wish Lance and I could have been there.

Melia Kelley said...

Thank you for posting pics! I was so anxious to see how everything turned out, and it looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to be home with you all.

Wanna Be Seamstress said...

I am so happy you got pictures of everyone! Anne looked so good, she should be very proud of herself! It was so fun sewing with her, and if she ever wants to do another outfit, I'll be less stressed, and will be able to spend a lot more time with her!

Jess said...

that feast looks amazing! I love all the dresses and amazing food. yum. :)