Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family Day at Fort Jackson

Matt and I took a red-eye flight to Charlotte, NC so we could drive to Columbia, SC to participate in the activities surrounding Lance's graduation from Basic Training.
We had a great time at family day. In this photo, his company is all lined up and was not allowed to move a muscle until a family member walked up and hugged them! The only bad thing was, all the soldiers looked so much alike that it was hard to find them! Lance had lost 38 pounds, so we didn't even recognize him for a while. He was a bit amused that it took so long to figure out which soldier he was! Can you see him?
He made a lot of good friends at basic. These were some of his best buddies - and they are all headed to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey with him. They are all learning Korean together.
They tried to look tough.........

but couldn't keep it up for long!

Here is Lance in front of his barracks.

Proud mom and dad!

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