Saturday, July 3, 2010

Visiting Charleston, SC

While Lance was in transit to Monterey, we had a day's layover before our flight home, so we took advantage of the chance to visit Charleston.
It was a memorable day!
Fort Sumpter - the site of the first shots fired in the Civil War!

Matt was impressed by the old cannons still in place.
I was surprised at how many there were!

This is the view of Charleston from Fort Sumpter. It is easy to imagine the battles of the Civil War when you see the actual sites.
A view of Charleston from a carriage.
One thing I have a hard time comprehending is that much of Charleston is built on rocks that were used as ballast in ships coming from Britain. Hundreds of ships a year for over a hundred years brought enough rocks to build up land mass for Charleston neighborhoods to be built on. This cobblestone street is build from such stones.

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