Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pettit Family Breakfast

We had a big family breakfast on Saturday before Logan and Anne headed back to Monterey. I am sad to say that I didn't get any photos of them while they were here! We had a blast seeing them as they stopped in between busy activities, but somehow I didn't get any photos! Anyway, these are from our family breakfast. Everyone was there except Lance who was jumping in feet first to his DLI experience in Monterey!
Aislinn and "Auntie Well"!
This is so precious! One of the first phrases that Noelle spoke when she was a toddler was "Happy morning!". She would say that every time she woke up as she held out her index finger - I had to touch her index finger and say "Happy morning" back to her before she would get up. It was a ritual she did for a VERY long time - and she made it up! Anyway, she taught it to Aislinn - and this is a photo of Aislinn holding out her finger for me to touch and say " Happy Morning"! It made me cry when Noelle showed it to me!
While Aislinn was getting some "Auntie Well" time, Melia was getting some daddy time and everyone else was chatting, laughing, eating, and playing. It was a memorable morning - but over too soon!

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Courtenay Beth said...

Laura, looks like SUCH fun Family time! I would LOVE to see you, come spend some time with me and the wee one...any day! All day, or whatever you can spare! LOVE YOU!!!!

Your blog is super cute!